Wheel Alignment

At Tyres and Tubes we know that without the correct wheel alignment on your vehicle you can increase wear on the tyres and can seriously affect vehicle handling. Our tyre specialists can give you the best advice and can help resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

With our sophisticated laser wheel alignment tools, we can accurately line your wheels to ensure your car drives in a straight line, making it safer for you.

Benefits of Correctly Aligned Tyres:

Longer lasting tyres

Misaligned wheels can increase tyre wear. This means you’ll need to replace them sooner. You can save yourself time and tyres by checking your alignment regularly.

More miles for your money

If your wheels are misaligned they have to work harder, which means your car will use more fuel.

Better handling

Misalignment may mean that your car pulls to one side, or that the steering wheel vibrates. With total alignment, road shock is absorbed and your car will be easier to handle.

Safer driving

When we align your wheels we will also check the suspension system. This enables us to spot worn parts before they cause any costly problems.

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